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Simple Cosmetic Dental Solutions for a More Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile gives you confidence, which helps you accomplish your goals. What does your dream smile look like? Are there changes you'd like to make to the appearance of your teeth? Are you worried that cosmetic dentistry is not in your budget?

Believe it or not, there are cosmetic dental services that can enhance your smile without draining your wallet!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening with your Mesquite, TX cosmetic dentist is an inexpensive way to give your smile a considerable upgrade. With in-office or take-home whitening treatments to choose from, there is something for every smile and budget. Brightening dull or yellow teeth can make a significant impact on the appearance ...

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How Preventive Care Protects Your Dental Health

Many people feel that a visit to their dentist in Mesquite, TX is not necessary unless their teeth are uncomfortable or hurting. Since dentistry is all about prevention, a tooth that hurts has probably already experienced damaged. Consistent preventive dental cleanings and checkups can help protect your teeth against problems like tooth decay and gum disease that will cause discomfort or a toothache.

Guarding Your Dental Health

When you visit your dentist every six months for a checkup, they can detect many problems like cavities early on, before they become more significant and painful. If you don't have tooth decay diagnosed early, or it's left untreated, it will move further into your ...

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Smile Makeover

This past holiday season we were able to have our first Smile Makeover Contest. We asked you to nominate somebody you thought would benefit from a complete makeover of their smile for free. This week, we had our final appointment with our contest winner. She was ecstatic to have a brand new smile and increased confidence. Her oral hygiene has greatly improved since starting our treatment after some coaching and removal of broken and infected teeth.

Our office understands the amount of trust that is to be earned when treating our patients and we are ready for any step necessary to earn and keep that trust with our existing and new ...

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Anxious Dental Patient?

Sleep Apnea Patient | Town East Dental Group

We all have that one thing that can make us nervous. If you are one who is anxious for your dental treatment, that is ok. For our patients who have high anxiety while in the dental chair, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and/or oral sedation to help calm your nerves. We want to make sure we are taking the extra steps for you to feel comfortable and address your oral health before you have discomfort. For more information to see if you are a good candidate for this option for treatment, ask our staff and dentist! 

Below is a short description and video describing nitrous oxide from the ADA.

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One Year of Treating Mesquite

Town East Dental Group Staff Photo

Hi everyone! March was the one year anniversary of me joining the team here at Town East Dental Group. It has been one of the most rewarding years professionally. The team here has really taken well to our approach in treating our community. In this first year, we started our first Smile Makeover Giveaway and were very excited and encouraged to see the response we received from the contest. We have transitioned to electronic charts to better serve our patients. I have been overwhelmed to see the great response from our patients as well and their kind words complimenting our efforts to serve them. Here is to one year in ...

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Daycare Tooth Talk

We recently were able to give a Tooth Talk at a local daycare. We spoke to the kids about the importance of brushing their teeth and cleaning off all the "sugar bugs". We also spoke with the kids about healthy foods vs. junk foods and why it is important to eat healthy foods! 

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