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Important Things You Should Know about Periodontal Treatment

January 21, 2023
Posted By: Dr RJ Loera

You probably have questions if you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis or advanced gum disease—also called periodontal disease. The team at Dental Group want to provide answers!

Let’s investigate what you should know about the process to better prepare you for periodontal treatment in Mesquite, TX.

What Is Gingivitis and Gum Disease?

Gingivitis means infections isolated to the soft tissues below the gumline. Gum disease is a series of infections found in the bones and ligaments that support your teeth.

4 Things to Know about Gum Disease Treatment

#1 Gum Disease Is Treatable

We cannot reverse periodontal disease, but we can reduce the inflammation and infections threatening your teeth and body wellness. Without treatment, you risk tooth loss and heart and lung health complications. Recent studies even link the untreated disease to dementia and autoimmune conditions.

#2 Gum Disease Treatment Is Not Painful

We treat gum disease carefully in our dental office. And if you need invasive treatments due to your condition, we offer anesthesia to keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

#3 Gum Disease Treatment Protocols Are Customized

A treatment that works for one patient may not be the best course for the next. Your dentist creates a treatment plan that addresses your level of disease activity. Treatments may include the following:

  • Custom teeth cleaning schedule
  • Deep cleanings below the gumline
  • An at-home oral hygiene schedule
  • Topical or oral medications
  • Periodontal surgery

#4 Treatment Does Not Have to Be Expensive

We work to make periodontal treatment cost-effective and easy to budget. But your periodontal treatment cost will vary based on the complexity of treatment and other factors. To help you with expenses, we accept a wide range of dental insurance plans. We also work with CareCredit financing and Proceed, which allows you to pay for treatment over time. Additionally, we offer an exclusive Dental Membership Plan. Ask a team member how this can save you money on dental care.

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