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What Is GLO Teeth Whitening?

March 18, 2022
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GLO Teeth Whitening in Mesquite, TX is a specialized system that lifts away tooth stains to restore your white, bright smile.

The GLO system relies on two parts. First, you have an in-office whitening treatment, and then we send you home with a special kit to continue the process and touch up your smile as desired.

How GLO Teeth Whitening Works

Your dentist checks the health of your teeth and gums, especially if you are a new patient, to ensure GLO is safe for you. Then, if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, we typically start you with teeth cleaning.

Your teeth cleaning removes any plaque and tartar to help the GLO product better penetrate your dental enamel.

Teeth whitening with GLO starts with a gel application. This is cured with a special light to help lift away stains.

When you’ve completed this portion, we send you home with a supply of GLO gel and the special activation light; both are yours to keep. Next, you apply a balm to your lips for protection and follow the instructions provided by our dental team.

You’ll reach optimal results in no time!

Trust Your Smile to Dental Professionals

When whitening your smile, which is a cosmetic dentistry treatment, we recommend doing so under the supervision of a dentist. Over-the-counter products can cause sensitivity and even damage.

Store-bought gels and kits may also leave you with lackluster results, which can be disappointing.

We want you to have a safe teeth whitening experience that provides the desired results.

Contact Our Dental Office in Mesquite, TX to Get Started

Professional teeth whitening can be used alone or as part of a smile upgrade that can include other cosmetic dentistry options like dental implants or Invisalign.

To schedule your consultation or if you have questions for our team, we are standing by to speak with you today.

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