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How to Handle a Dental Emergency During COVID-19

March 28, 2020
Posted By: Town East Dental Group

We are living through challenging and uncertain times. Your family, lifestyle, and routine have no doubt been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. On top of all the chaos that’s going on around us, you might, unfortunately, find yourself facing a dental emergency at some point within the next several months. 

As your Mesquite, TX dentist, we understand that dental emergencies don’t go away or take a break simply because there’s a health crisis going on. Tooth injuries happen all the time, regardless of what else may be happening in the world.

Luckily, we’re ready and able to treat your broken tooth or another dental emergency whenever you need help. 

Don’t Put Off the Emergency Treatment Your Smile Needs

While it’s true that we should all be limiting our travels and interactions with others while COVID-19 is active, some situations require you to leave your home and seek professional help. 

Dental emergencies are one of these situations. If you have a severe oral injury, you shouldn’t wait until the coronavirus is less prevalent—you need treatment today. 

At Town East Dental Care, we offer emergency dentistry in Mesquite, TX for current and new dental patients. We need to see you right away if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • A knocked-out or “avulsed” tooth
  • A broken jaw
  • An abscess or visible infection
  • A throbbing or severe toothache
  • Oral bleeding you can’t get under control with pressure and gauze 
  • A cracked, damaged, or fractured tooth 
  • Pain in your jaw accompanied by swelling in your neck 

Emergency Dentistry in Mesquite, TX

During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s essential to avoid going to your local emergency room whenever you can. Hospitals need to save their resources for severely ill patients and victims of the coronavirus, and you need to minimize your exposure to infected parties. 

Rather than traveling to the hospital with your dental emergency, it’s best to call our dental team and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist. If we determine that you have a serious or life-threatening injury, we’ll take the appropriate measures to relocate you and get you the treatment you need. 

If you have a dental or oral injury, call Dr. Loera and the rest of our Town East Dental Group team at (972) 270-2911. 

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