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Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

March 14, 2020
Posted By: Town East Dental Group

Most people will experience one or more dental emergencies in their lifetime, but it is always better to prevent these situations if possible.

A dental emergency can be scary, derail your plans, and even cost you your smile.

Your dentist in Mesquite, TX wants you to enjoy your life, have excellent oral health, and take precautions to avoid dental emergencies.

Lowering Your Risks for Dental Emergencies

We treat all types of dental emergencies in our dental office, but root infections are probably the most common.

A root infection means the root and pulp of your tooth are infected and require root canal therapy. With this therapy, your dentist clears away the infected root and pulp, closes with a healing agent and temporary crown, and then adds a permanent crown or filling at a follow-up appointment.

A dental crown is a tooth cap that goes over your treated tooth. This cap blends with your smile and resembles your natural teeth. It provides stability and support.

The best way to avoid a root infection is to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist regularly for dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. These steps also lower your risks for decay and periodontal disease.

Other best practices include wearing a mouthguard during sporting activities or contact play. If you grind and clench your teeth, you should also consider a nightguard. Without a nightguard, grinding and clenching can lead to tooth fractures and jaw pain.

Your dentist also recommends contacting our office if you notice oral health changes that do not go away, including tooth sensitivity. And if you do have a toothache, do not wait it out and hope that it will get better. This can cost you your tooth.

We Treat Dental Emergencies in Mesquite, TX

If you have a toothache, broken tooth, or broken restoration, contact a member of our dental team. We are here to restore your smile's health and ease your pain.

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