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New Dentures? Here Is What to Expect

August 2, 2019
Posted By: RJ Loera DDS
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Getting new dentures is always a big change, especially if it’s your first time.

Since dentures are replacing your natural teeth, it’s no surprise they’ll take some getting used to before you feel truly comfortable with them.

The good news is that by knowing what to expect and following some best practices, your adjustment period won’t be as long or troublesome as it could be.

What to expect with new dentures

No matter what type of dentures you get, expect to go through an adjustment period before your dentures feel natural to you.

You may find it difficult to eat and talk normally at first (especially for the first few weeks). This is normal – it takes time for your gums, tongue and mouth to get used to new dentures, so you may encounter some issues early on.

While adjusting to your new dentures, you may experience:

  • Gum irritation
  • Sore spots
  • Excess saliva – your body might sometimes confuse your new dentures for food, causing it to produce more saliva
  • Dentures dislodging frequently
  • Change in pronunciation


Keep in mind that although minor irritation and soreness during the first few days (or even weeks) is normal, intense pain or constant discomfort is not.

If you experience severe and prolonged pain from your dentures, see your denture professional immediately to have it checked.

How long will it take to get used to your dentures?

Most people find it takes them about four weeks (or around a month) to adjust to their new dentures and feel completely comfortable with them. Those who undergo more comprehensive denture work will often require more time to recover and get comfortable.

For the first two weeks, you may experience some of the issues above. By the third week, any irritation or soreness should have gone down significantly, and you’ll be able to start talking and eating normally.

After about four weeks, your dentures should feel more natural in your mouth, and you’ll be more confident talking and eating normally again.

Tips for adjusting to your new dentures

Although you can’t avoid going through an adjustment period when you get new dentures, you can avoid the most common problems and issues by following these tips:

  • Avoid hard food – Focus on soft food in the first few weeks after your procedure. This will help you prevent putting unnecessary pressure on your teeth and gums while getting used to your new dentures.


  • Cut food into small pieces – This will help you avoid using your new dentures to bite through whatever you’re eating.


  • Avoid sticky food – Sticky food can get caught on your dentures and dislodge them easily.


  • Talk slowly – This will help you build the strength and familiarity to talk normally with dentures.


  • Reposition your dentures when they feel loose – Your dentures may feel loose in the first few weeks as your gums and mouth get used to holding them in place. Be patient and reposition them carefully whenever they pop out of place.


  • Attend follow-up appointments – Attend your follow-up consultations with your denture professional so you can make the right adjustments (if necessary) and ensure everything is progressing properly.
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