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How Dental Exams Can Prevent Future Oral Problems

February 15, 2020
Posted By: Town East Dental Group
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You're in the middle of brainstorming for an upcoming work project or thinking about how to juggle your family's schedule best when you get a calendar notification for an upcoming dental check-up. We understand how easy it can be to consider canceling the appointment because your teeth seem fine and healthy. You brush and floss every day, you try not to take in too many sugary foods and drinks, and you don't seem to have any tooth pain. What's the big deal, right?

The truth is that not all underlying oral health monsters are obvious. Waiting for signs of visible distress like tooth pain, bleeding, swelling, foul breath, and more doesn't mean you caught a dental problem right in time. Quite the opposite, you've let it turn into a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can be treated efficiently, but they may be costly and require emergency root canals or even tooth extractions. 

What You Can Expect During Your Dental Check-Up

Routine dental visits to Town East Dental Group in Mesquite, TX are essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong. 

Your visit with us consists of two parts:

Your dental check-up and exam: Dr. Loera will visually inspect your mouth for evidence of dental abnormalities before using modern technology like digital x-rays to see beyond the surface. This is the time where any decay, infection, cavities, disease, or cancers are identified early on and quickly treated. 
Your teeth cleaning: Your Mesquite, TX dentist and hygienist will clean away any tartar and polish your teeth, so they feel incredibly smooth. Many of our patients love running their tongue over the surfaces of their teeth and feeling how squeaky-clean they are. Generally, it feels good knowing that your teeth are cared for, and it's one less thing to feel anxious about when you know you have a clean bill of oral health.

Letting tooth decay, infection, or gum disease advance beyond the early, treatable stages can cost you the time you tried to save by canceling your dental appointment with Dr. RJ Loera. With oral health, there's no such thing as cutting corners to save money and time; it just increases exponentially over time. 


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