Children's Dentistry in Mesquite, TX

The health of your child's smile is of the utmost importance. Not only does a healthy mouth enable your little one to eat and speak correctly, but it also directly impacts their whole-body health and development. child sitting in dental exam chair | childrens dentistry mesquite tx

Having strong teeth and gums is essential for kids at every stage of their adolescence. At Town East Dental Group, we help kids understand the importance of maintaining excellent oral health throughout their lives. 

At Town East Dental Group, we connect with your child on their level and adapt to meet their unique needs. Every child is different, so there is no one way to approach their dental care. Our children's dentist in Mesquite, TX offers caring and gentle dentistry to toddlers, teens, and young adults.

The American Dental Association recommends that children see a dentist when their baby teeth start to erupt or by their first birthday. We agree with this recommendation because it's never too early to start caring for your child's dental health! 

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Our dental team is very friendly and genuinely enjoys working with children. We understand the first dental visit can be challenging for parents and kids alike. But you can rest assured knowing you and your family are in caring and experienced hands. 

We approach each child with the special consideration, patience, and care they deserve, and we never attempt to treat a child who is not comfortable in our care.

It may take a few visits for your child to grow accustomed to the dental experience, and the health benefits of routine visits are well worth it. 

Though baby teeth eventually fall out, they play an essential role in speech development, chewing, and the emergence of adult teeth. Our dentists check your child's teeth, gums, jaws, and soft oral tissues for proper growth and development, and they also look for any signs of tooth decay and other concerns. 

The first few dental visits are very low-key, and you are always welcome to stay in the room with your child during their treatment. Before starting the exam and cleaning, we will show you and your child some of the instruments we use, count their teeth, and let them ride in the dental chair. Your child's dentist will also demonstrate how to properly brush and floss your child's teeth and answer any questions you may have about nutrition and habits, like bottle-feeding or pacifier use. 

After each check-up, kids can choose a special prize from the treasure chest––many kids' favorite part about visiting our dental office!

Consistency Is Key

Oral hygiene and routine preventive dental visits are important for everyone, especially children, as they are still developing. Regular preventive visits allow us to build rapport with your child, and if ever a problem develops, they will already feel safe in our care. young child holding lost tooth | mesquite dentist

In addition to dental exams and gentle teeth cleanings, we also offer fluoride and sealants to protect their teeth from cavities. If we find a cavity, we will treat it quickly to protect your child's one-of-a-kind smile. Ultimately, consistent home and professional care are vital for keeping healthy teeth and gums. 

Schedule Your Child's Visit in Mesquite, TX

Whether you have a toddler with emerging baby teeth or a teenager with a dental problem, we can provide complete, compassionate dental care. 

We believe in the importance of seeing a pediatric dentist in Mesquite, TX to ensure your child's smile stays strong and problem-free. Dr. RJ Loera and Dr. Carlos Parra Carrasquer are a dynamic duo who lead a passionate and highly skilled dental team. Give us a call today to schedule your child's dental exam and cleaning

We look forward to welcoming your family!