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Can you sleep with overdentures?

Overdentures in Mesquite, TX, also called implant-supported dentures, are fixed prosthetics and can only be removed by your dentist. So, it is perfectly safe and normal to sleep with your overdenture in place.

However, if you have removable dentures, we strongly encourage you to remove them during sleep, placing them in a denture bath throughout the night.

About Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are the top choice for tooth replacement among dentists. But if you have significant tooth loss, the prospect can feel daunting. Implant dentures are the answer. With implant dentures, we use up to six dental implants to secure an arch of restoration teeth to the jaw.

This approach gives you all the stability of dental implants and the practicality of dentures. It’s a fantastic combination that has made implants more accessible to more people.

While you can sleep with your implant dentures, keeping them clean is essential, rinsing beneath the denture and brushing the attached plate and artificial teeth with an approved polish and denture brush. Keeping your prosthetic clean helps prevent gum disease and implant failure.

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