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Can you get partials with no back teeth?

Yes, you can get partial dentures regardless of how many back teeth are missing. You would require one partial for each arch, but as long as some teeth remain for support, a partial would be a great solution!

Benefits of Partial Dentures for Back Teeth

We custom craft partial dentures at our Mesquite, TX, dental office for each patient's needs. Whether you need to replace one missing tooth or a full section of missing teeth, your partial will fit comfortably and look natural.

Partial dentures for back teeth offer several benefits, including:

  • You can share a big, wide smile confidently
  • You can chew a wider variety of foods
  • You can speak more easily and clearly
  • You'll see a fuller facial appearance for a more youthful look

What's Involved with Getting Partial Dentures?

The first step for getting partial dentures is to call Town East Dental Group and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Loera. He will perform an exam to see what's involved and what type of partial denture you need.

Once you agree to proceed, you can expect our dental team to perform the following steps:

  • Take measurements of your mouth
  • Take a dental impression to create your partial denture
  • Send measurements and impressions to a custom dental lab
  • Test your new partials for fit and comfort
  • Make adjustments and deliver your final partial denture

Get Started with Partial Dentures in Mesquite, TX

We would love to tell you more about getting partial dentures so you can enjoy a confident, comfortable smile. Please call us to schedule an appointment to get started!

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