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Why are routine dental cleanings important?

Routine dental cleanings are part of preventative maintenance, which is key to ensuring that your mouth stays healthy even as you age. Oral health can affect the total health of your body in many ways. Just being able to eat easily makes a bigwoman with braces smiling in chair | cosmetic dentist mesquite tx difference in our quality of life.

Routine cleanings are critical to oral health because they can do things that your regular at-home care cannot. For hard built-on tartar around the gumline and clinging to the surface of the teeth, brushing and flossing won't help. Only a professional cleaning will remove that buildup and help your gums and teeth stay healthy and strong.

What Happens At My Dental Cleaning?

Check-ups also allow your dentist time to monitor your oral health. Meeting with your dentist in Mesquite for twice a year check-ups and cleanings will help ensure any issues that may come up with your oral health are caught before they have a chance to do significant harm.

Cleanings help allow your gums to function correctly by helping them regain direct contact with the surface of your teeth. Routine cleanings will also make your teeth look cleaner and healthier. Cleanings can help prevent gum disease, cavities, halitosis, and more.

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