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What are the benefits of mini dental implants?

Most dentists consider dental implants the gold standard, including implant dentists in Mesquite, TX because they provide a total anatomy replacement—root and tooth.older couple at bar | dental implants mesquite

A dental implant is a tooth root prosthetic that integrates into your jawbone over time, allowing for a tooth or prosthetic replacement. This can mean a single dental crown topping a dental implant or an implant denture topping four to six implants.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

While implants are popular and preferred by dentists, they are not suitable for everyone—notably, patients with jawbone loss. Bone loss in the jaw is a natural occurrence when teeth are missing, and it can give you a sunken appearance around the lower face and impact the success of dental implant placement.

Mini dental implants may be the right solution for many patients who have been told their jawbone is insufficient for regular-sized implants. In addition, the benefit of mini dental implants includes a broader candidacy for treatment.

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Replacing missing teeth is crucial to your ongoing oral health. Tooth restoration prevents tooth migration and general wear and tear by providing an even bite surface.

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