Crowns & Bridges

When was the last time you smiled comfortably and with confidence? Are you the person in photos who always seems to be unhappy even though you’re not? Have you been bypassing healthy fruits and vegetables because it hurts to eat?

Living with teeth damaged by disease or decay takes its toll on many areas of your life. At Town East Dental Group, Dr. RJ Loera has helped many patients achieve a healthier smile with restorations like dental crowns and bridges.

Both are restorations, but they perform different functions.

How We Use Dental Crowns

Dental fillings are essential because they restore the health of your smile. In some cases, however, a tooth is too damaged to be resolved with a dental filling, and Dr. Loera would recommend a strong, durable crown to restore the form and function of the damaged tooth. 

Severe damage is a common reason for a dental crown, but there are other cases where a crown would be the best choice:

  • Strengthen and protect a tooth after root canal treatment. 
  • Restore function and appearance to a dental implant

Placing Your Dental Crown in Three Steps

The process for placing dental crowns on your teeth takes a couple of weeks, but the results are well worth it. 

Step 1: Prepare the Damaged Tooth

We need to alter the size and shape of the damaged tooth to ensure that the crown will fit comfortably and blend with surrounding teeth. 

Step 2: Take Dental Impressions

The dental lab that prepares your crown needs a guide, so we take impressions of your teeth that are used to create a model. We send the model along with shade specifications to the lab, and you will leave our office with a temporary crown.

Step 3: Place Your Dental Crown

Patients enjoy the third step in the process because they know they will leave our office with a beautiful dental crown that blends seamlessly with their smile!

We remove your temporary and then make adjustments as needed, so the crown fits comfortably in your mouth. Dr. Loera will check for high spots that affect your dental bite, then polish the crown and bond it to your teeth with long-lasting dental cement.

Your Choice of Materials

Crowns made of porcelain or ceramic are prized for their natural appearance, making them a popular choice with our patients. But we also offer porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) and gold crowns.

PFM crowns have an underlayment of metal to add strength, so we typically use them on molars that withstand a lot of chewing force. Gold is the strongest of the materials we might recommend them for molars or if you have a strong teeth grinding habit.

We will share the pros and cons of each and answer your questions, but the final decision about the type of material to use is yours.

Please Call to Arrange a Consultation 

Most dental insurance covers at least a portion of the cost of crowns, and before we start any work, Pam, our insurance coordinator, will obtain a pre-treatment estimate, so there are no surprise costs. If you don’t have insurance or want to finance your co-pays our out-of-pocket cost, we will be happy to talk to you about CareCredit interest-free financing that allows you to get the care you need and pay off your balance in smaller monthly amounts.

If you are thinking about a dental crown, you have some decisions to make, but we will guide you through each step of the process. Please call today at (972) 270-2911 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Loera.