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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Crowns & Bridges

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Here at Town East Dental Group, we take a proactive, preventive approach to oral health care. By staying a step ahead of problems, we can help you avoid discomfort and costly treatment. 

An essential part of prevention is patient education because we can't monitor your oral health habits 24/7, and we want you to have all the information you need to make healthier choices and informed decisions about your dental care. One of the best ways for us to understand what matters to you is by listening to your questions. You deserve to be informed about your oral health, and no question is too small – if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Here are a few of the questions we hear most often at our practice, but you may have some of your own that aren't listed here. Please call our office at (972) 270-2911 or email us using our convenient online contact form.

Crowns & Bridges

If a crown or bridge is porcelain, people will not be able to tell you had a crown or bridge placed. If you selected to have a gold crown or bridge, that is obviously much easier to see. 

Yes. After a root canal the tooth is very prone to fracture. A dental crown helps seal the tooth from bacteria entering the sterile root canal. A crown will also help strengthen the tooth help to prevent fracture of the root canal tooth. 

An implant vs a bridge is a very important question to ask. For a bridge, you require one tooth behind and in front of the space to have anchors for a bridge that will replace the missing tooth. Sometimes placing a bridge on a tooth can make the tooth sensitive. For an implant, it is important to evaluate the amount of bone present and see if there is enough bone to hold a dental implant. Both treatments are great for replacing missing teeth and they each have their pros and cons. Dr. Loera and the Town East Dental Group team will help you know your best treatment option. 

A bridge is a type of treatment that is used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are permanently cemented and do not come out. Bridges still need to be cleaned and flossed like normal teeth. A denture is a treatment option used to replace all the top or bottom teeth when they are missing. Dentures can come out and are not permanently fixed in the mouth. 

At Town East Dental Group, one of the most common restorations we provide for our patients is dental crowns (caps). Crowns are a versatile restoration that can be used to resolve a variety of dental problems.

Dental crowns are used to strengthen and protect the integrity of a tooth damaged or weakened by decay, periodontal disease, or a teeth grinding habit. It's crucial for your continued oral health that we do everything possible to preserve the structure of your teeth for as long as we can. We may also use a crown to protect your tooth after root canal treatment or as the functional part of a dental implant.

While most people think of crowns as being restorative, they also have esthetic uses. If you have a tooth with a large silver amalgam filling, we can use a dental crown to cap the tooth and eliminate the “dark hole” in your smile. A crown can also be used to restore cracked or chipped teeth, as well as masking the appearance of a severely stained tooth.

Every patient is unique and has different dental needs. The best way for us to know if a dental crown is an appropriate treatment for you is to arrange a consultation at our Mesquite dental office so Dr. Loera can evaluate your needs and explain your options. 

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